So happy to share our wedding Marcella and Henrique! Last week I had the joy of sharing here on Berries and Love the video of my pre-wedding. In it you could see the details of our story: the fact that we met in an electronic engineering and telecoms course, the surprise wedding proposal in Paris, when I was on an exchange, and also the difficult period that I faced when I had cancer, but had the full support of Henry.

To share with you today my wedding is more than simply to display photos and video from the day that we definitively said yes to each other. It is more to talk about our strong love that can only come from God himself, and that was being built a long time during the time we faced together both wonderful and not-so-wonderful situations as well. We have the privilege of already knowing the responsibility of standing by one another’s side in joy and in sorrow, in wealth and in poverty, in health and disease, even before marriage.


Yes, I dreamed of the perfect wedding. But above all else I wanted that love overflowed in that place and could be felt by all. As such I decided to find a way to honor all of the important people in my life up until that moment. To my parents, in-laws and grandmother I prepared a handkerchief embroidered with a specific phrase (sincere and loving) for each to keep forever. Already my sister had received a plush frog toy in a surprise that I gave to her at the time of the bouquet. And all the guests (including God) had their names written on a heart that were hung on a tree during the ceremony.

But the biggest surprise, of course, would be for my future husband. The one who showed me that I was not foolish to believe in love, that it was an instrument of healing in my life and loved me regardless of the circumstances. After much thought and reluctance I decided that the greatest act of love and gratitude that I could demonstrate would be to give up my place at the centre of the dreamed wedding and let him be the largest and most important part of the ceremony. I delivered a letter to him seconds before entering telling him my decision and waited at the altar. It was difficult to make that final decision but I do not regret it for a single second!

And so one can see the pictures and feel like they are actually there on our special day with us!

Now, all pictures of our dreamy wedding Marcella and Henrique!

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During the day we had many trials: There was no time to finish all the decor , the sun was so strong that broke the glasses that were in the hallway of the ceremony banks, one hit the car of Henrique’s family, the music in the groom’s entrance didn’t work, one bridesmaid dress ripped and both my father and father in law got sick . Besides, the marriage was delayed almost an hour because my father in law could not stand on feet, but to see him cheering me with good face when I walked down the aisle was one of the most special moments of my life for sure (as well as our personalized votes) !

But regardless of these ” details”, the day was perfect. We was sure that love would prevail. And prevailed.

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Throughout the year preceding the wedding we bought wedding-cushions, bowls, cutlery, bubble-makers, fabric and pin bouquets, wedding cameras for the guests to enjoy and various details for the decor. You don’t want to imagine how hard it was to store all this at home! Hahaha!

I made sure to participate in the creation of the invitation and the entire Visual ID of the wedding. And of course the colors chosen were my favorite: tiffany blue, lilac tones and variations of these.

On the day, we served nuts and candy mix when welcoming guests since the place we got married was a little away from our home city. For the heat we provided fans, flavored waters and coconut water.

As party favors we had personalised slippers, macaroons in party colors and personalized Jellybeans cans. And as a thank you to the guests a card was placed on their cars with a loving message and best wishes for a return in peace in the homes.

casamentomarcella-327casamentomarcella-252casamentomarcella-265casamentomarcella-267Untitled7casamentomarcella-329casamentomarcella-295 Untitled9 casamentomarcella-270 casamentomarcella-306 casamentomarcella-280casamentomarcella-242Untitled8casamentomarcella-358casamentomarcella-1285casamentomarcella-1340

As we had an intimate wedding we could greet everyone and still have lot of fun! We tried some delicious food from the menu, especially our cake, made with organic berries, vanilla and lemon!

If it was perfect? It was, just for one reason: I married the love of my life!

How did you like our wedding Marcella and Henrique?


Venue: Parque ecológico Vale Verde | Photography: Jivago Sales | Videography: Dois Filmes (Music: Always be – Holley Maher)| Beauty: Daniel e Polliane Araújo | Wedding dress: San Patrick – Íris Clemência | Jewelery: Pedro Muraru | Wedding planner: Rose Quadros | Catering: Chá com nozes | Cake: Bolos da Ana | Hanger: Atelliê Perez | Stationary: Eu e Atelliê Perez  | DJ: Patrícia Prado | Jazz band: Enéias Xavier Quarteto | Drinks and coconut water: Twister Drinks | Lighting: Estrela Iluminação | Cake topper and bouquet: Etsy | Wedding cameras: Amazon | Finger tree: Cimara Cláudia | Pastor:  Leozão | Favours: Vip chinelos personalizados, macarons from Verde Mar e some other handmade| Bridesmaids dresses: Estela Abreu | Groom’s outfit: Conceição Maciel | Wedding shoes: Íris Clemência


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