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How everything begun

25 de fevereiro / marcellalisa

Once upon a time a girl there was a girl who always dreamed of her perfect wedding and her own Prince Charming. She spent her childhood and adolescence reading love stories and wondering how it would be when her turn came around. Because yes, she knew it would come one day.

Aged 17 and on just a typical summer’s day she met a charming young man at a bus stop in front of her college. No romantic music was playing and the sky wasn’t starry, but his simple “Hi!” to her made her heart beat faster. After a brief conversation they realised they were in the same engineering class (and had lots more in common) and there began a hesitant friendship.

From that day on she asked herself all the time if he were the one. He met all the requirements of the short-list she had made when she was 12 years old. But how to make sure he was the person that God had made especially for her? Something said in her heart that she needn’t be afraid. And she decided to listen to that voice.

They started dating a little later in 2005, and in 2008 she decided to go on an exchange programme in a distant country. With distance they would face the first real test of their love. She missed him so badly and for several months she cried every night just thinking of him. But he was determined to win her heart for good and so he turned up one day unannounced and with a surprise: he took her to Paris and made her the most incredible marriage proposal in the entire world. Even more beautiful than anything that she had read in her romance books in the past.

They returned to Brazil and started dreaming of their wedding day. But in 2010, the year they expected to be of their graduation and wedding, came the second real test of their love. She discovered she had cancer. But what could have separated this love joined them together in a supernatural way. She found in him all she needed to cope with the illness (and anything else that life through at her) and come out victorious. He found in her the most passionate and grateful woman he could ever have met in his life.

After treatment (and the cure), and in the certainty that neither disease nor death could separate them, they set a wedding date. On September 1st in 2012 they were married in a beautiful park under a sunset, and bride realised she was not about to marry a fairytale prince but one much better, a man she was proud to call her husband and to become one flesh. One could said they lived happily ever after, but their story did not end there … It was only just beginning.

This girl realized how blessed by God she was, but also that she wasn’t the only one living a beautiful love story. She discovered her role in life was to show the world that love heals, and also to help tell so many other beautiful stories like hers.

That girl is I, this is my story and this is my corner of the web for all who see love as a means for survival. You are very welcome!


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